Thursday, 23 February 2012

Character designs and cavemen

Last (collaboration brief) post I said I'd get some character designs done soon for the Douglas Adams competition, and here they are! I settled on the bottom left body types from my last post and improved them a bit to get a wider range of characters. There's now cavemen, ancient Chinese labourers and an emperor and some modern day folk as well.

With the characters designed we distributed characters to build for Toonboom between ourselves and I got to do the cavemen. These are my parts sheets, ready to be vectorised, split into parts, rigged and coloured in Toonboom:

And here is one of the cavemen, Dim, all rigged up (the other two cavemen are 80% rigged up) and put through some very quick joint and colour tests. I'll do more of these properly when the other characters are rigged and I've got input from everyone else.
The lovely background here were made by Chloe Brown, not me.

Colours chosen to make colouring easy. At least I'm honest.

No lines. I actually did like no lines but not with these colours.

A bit 'Flintstones'. I wanted to try a bolder colour and quite liked orange, just a shame the Flintstone's beat me to it. Black lines on the left, coloured on the right. I prefer the black lines, though a darker colour might work too. This is my favorite so far despite Fredness...

Multicolour test. Also tried out a darker skin tone for the cavemen.

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