Sunday, 19 February 2012

Character Designs for Douglas Adams competition

Last time we had a meeting for our collaboration project on the Douglas Adams competition at the Literary Platform we put together all our storyboards into an animatic (which can be seen in my previous collaboration post) and decided we'd all do some character designs for next meeting.

These are my design ideas so far (all a bit rough but they will be improved in the meeting if we see potential)...
My favourite designs on this page are the collection on the bottom left. They should be simple enough to fit our intended style and fairly easy to rig and animate, but also convey their eras and roles well. Though I did like the cavemen in centre stage I think they are too complex and 'real' looking and will clash with our intended style, the top left characters are too amorphous to fit the outfits properly (I tried it in the middle right of the page) and the top right lot are too pointy.

These characters still all need work but that's what tomorrows meeting is for. Next time I expect to have some final designs to show, and hopefully the beginnings of a rig!


  1. Whey Hey, I'm following you now, so you can start posting in earnest. Well done for putting up the animatic. A more detailed analysis of the brief on your part would add a bit more academic rigor to this blog, what was the brief and what were the key points you pulled out about the task in hand. Nice to see the design of the characters, and also the thought process you went through for the colours of the cavemen.
    More posts please!

    1. Haha. Cheers Adrian.
      I will try and include that in my next post, sometime today hopefully.
      It may also be one of the last posts of course, so a strange place to put it... Better late than never, right? >.<

      Just realised how long it took me to reply also, sorry. >.<